Paco Wegmann - Midnight Walk

Midnight Walk (Original Mix)
Midnight Walk (Negru Remix)
Dominus (Original Mix)
Dominus (Egal 3 Remix)

Played and supported by Luciano, Leon, Raresh, Slam, SiS, Maetrik, Nastia, Gel Abril, Paco Osuna, Michel De Hey, Dualton, Surrealism, Enzo Siragusa, Yaya, Superflu, Marco Effe, Matt Star, Julian Perez, The Junkies, Jay Bliss, Miguel Lobo, Andy Baxter, Dzeta n'Basile, Hermanez, Hugo, Superflu, Nino Santos & LIghtem, Horatio, Nathan Coles, Alfa Romero,, De:Bug, Khaan, Mauro Alpha, Simone Kool Dek, Gabriele Baldi, Tony Dee, UGLH, Philip Arruda and many more!!

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Release Date Beatport Exclusive: 23/04/2012
Release Date (all digital stores worldwide): 07/05/2012

BLACK&WHITE ORANGE RECORDS is proud to present you our 50th release and we are celebrating this amazing milestone with a massive package! We are welcoming PACO WEGMANN to our artist roster with his latest EP MIDNIGHT WALK which includes the two original tracks MIDNIGHT WALK and DOMINUS. Paco has been successfully releasing his music on labels such as Natural Rhythm, Waldliebe Familien and AMA Recordings and has made a name for himself with his driving and uplifting Tech House production style. The main track MIDNIGHT WALK is a definite peak time track with a massive, techy drum beat, a rolling baseline and dark, modulated vocal snippets. The second original track DOMINUS in the other hand reflects more of a deep and melancholic vibe with catchy drum loops, a funky baseline and a massive horn hook which smoothly creates an atmospheric ambience throughout the production.
To celebrate such a special release we have managed to engage two of Black&White Orange Records' favourite producers to date for remixing both original tracks. First up is NEGRU with his own interpretation of MIDNIGHT WALK. NEGRU has made his name in the EDM scene with amazing releases on labels such as Cecille, Soweso and Barraca Music just to name a few and we are very pleased to have him on such a special release.
For the remix of the second original track DOMINUS we have one of the most talked about, up and coming artists in the past few months, EGAL 3. His releases have recently turned heads from many top DJs and producers and his remix clearly defines his unique production style.
MIDNIGHT WALK is without a doubt a great package to celebrate our 50th release and if you are a massive admirer of Deep and Tech House it will be a must have in your record crate!!


very nice release ! the best one for me is Negru's remix. thank you very much!

Jay Bliss
I like the remixes. Thank you!

Gabriele Baldi
Negru Rmx is my favourite and all versions are cool! thx for the music.

Negru Remix for me!

Miguel Lobo
Great EP! Love all mixes!

Michel De Hey
Negru Remix sounds wicked. thx

Ciprian Iordache
Dominus + Egal 3 remix. Also and Negru is very nice! I will def. play it! Support

Midnight Wald (Original) is great!

Nino Santos
Both remixes are nice but Negru is my pick!! Groovy!!!

Nathan Coles
Great Release... support!

Simone Kool Dek
Supa nice beatz on Egal3 usual! the.

Wesley Razzy
Feeling the remixes. Egal 3 is my favourite so far! thanks!

Dominus is nice.

Luca Doobie
Tooly party rockers, i'll play some 4 sure!

London Fm
Negru remix for us!!! tnx!!!

Support for Negru and Egal 3!

Sean Danke
All around good EP, my favorite is Midnight Walk Original mix..also Egal 3 remix of Dominus is good.

Alessio Collina
Cool E.P, original and Egal 3 for me, thnx!

Will try out thanx

Marko Nastic

Matt Star
Downloaded for Matt Star.

Antony PL
Egal 3 Remix for me!

Egal 3 rmx is nice. Thanks.

Andy Baxter
Midnight Walk and Dominus Remix for me.

Yes thanks, remixes for me!

Egal 3 for me...thx

Mauro Alpha
Egal 3 + original are nice!

Joe Le Groove
Dominus (Egal 3 Remix) is pretty cool!

Andry Black
WOW! both original awesome will play it this weekend.

Dzeta n Basile
Egal 3 rmx sounds good, we'll try it.

Jesus Pablo
Egal 3 Remix for me... nice vibes... support!

Nice EP all around! thanks

Matteo Matteini
The Negru rmx catches my attention, thanks!

Negru has the word in this remix! great bass line and groove we got here..thank you.

Tony Dee
Egal 3 for me niceee!!

Negru remix for me.

Alfa Romero
Midnight Walk original for me.

Alo & Ritu
Good! Midnight Walk (Original Mix) is our favorite! thanks.

Milton Channels
The garage vibe on Dominus (Original Mix) is great full support.

Raymundo Rodriguez
Nice package.

Alfred S Amnesia Milano
Midnight Walk original is awesome! Thx a lot for this package!

Aney F
Nice tracks! Midnight Walk is my favorite!

Angelo Draetta
Great music from my dude Paco!!!

Good EP! for me midnight walk (all two mix).

Mark Gwinnett
The original Midnight Walk is a bomb! Thanks for sending.

Alle Borsari
Great Ep. Really Groovy.

Full support for my man Egal3!

Thanks For This, Midnight Walk's original for us! Cheers.

Carlo Toma
Support, Negru remix is cool!

Philip Arruda
Midnight Walk (Original Mix) is my fav here. thanks for this!

Midnight Walk original for me..tnx!

Max Nero
Negru remix very nice job.

Wesley (Toolroom)

Christian Hawk
Midnight Walk and Egal 3 rmx for me! Thanks!

Archie Hamilton
Egal 3 is great!

Support, thanks.

Downloading thx.

Q Musse
Remixes are so nice. Thanks for the music.
Noticed & supported by Paco Wegmann 'Midnight Walk'

Enzo Siragusa
Feeling the Egal 3 remix

Roberto Apodaca
Bomb EP.

Nice release thanks.

Adriano Filippucci
Both rmxs for me thank u.

Alexander Fog
Quality! Midnight Walk Original For Me. Love It!

Gel Abril
Egal 3 is great!

Downloaded! Thanx!


Considering for review.

Negru Remix

Marco Effe
Negru's remix is cool! Thanks!

Julian Perez
Love the 2 remixes full support!

The Junkies
We'll try the rmxs.. thanks!

Paco Osuna
Downloaded thank you!

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'Paco Wegmann - Midnight Walk' - All music Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Paco Wegmann. Remixed by Negru and Egal 3. All tracks mastered by Chase Buch at Harcourt Studios.

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