you should this great app: "Night club strobe light"

It provides a FREE handy strobe light to you right in your pocket! It will listen to the music around you

and blink the flash on your device, just like a strobe light. Not just that, the phone screen will become a

disco light, one might say, strikes at your music beats! That’s NOT all. Swipe your screen and it will give

you several majestic hallucinations, sync with your music, of course. This app is just perfect for your

party group, large or small, or even for enhancing your personal musical experience. Bring your phones

together and parties are just one tap away!

Playing media via Bluetooth devices will be disabled during using session of the app due to the low-quality

sound limited by Apple.

- Strobe light syncs with your music
- Disco light syncs with your music
- Hallucination effects, sync with your music
- Sensitivity adjustment by quick or accurate mode, with a good visual presentation.
- Torchlight support, for..ehhm… finding objects you drop on the floor for example.
- Listen to music from around you or right from your phone
- Futuristic design, smooth animation
- Tap the screen light button (on the left) to activate disco light and screen light effects.
- Tap the strobe light button (on the right) to activate strobe light effect. Tap again to switch to

torchlight mode.
- You will see the music reflects on the slider bar in color. Once the color bar exceeds the pointer on the

slider, the flashlight will strike. This is how you control sensitivity.
- For quick configuration, just tap on the marks on the slider to adjust the sensitivity. Move your finger

on the slider (you don’t have to place your fingertip exactly on the pointer) for more accurate result.
- Swipe left or right to change screen effect and hallucinations.

Link ios:
Link preview: