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Fixate Records presents Ricky Palys & Kris Meja - Funky Beatdown EP. Featuring tracks Funky Beatdown and The Salamander Strut.

Ricky Palys is just another electronic head like you! Has featured on Plastic Fantastic, Manuscript Records, MoonChild Records and runs Audiablo Records you can currently find Mr. Palys lurkin round d'underground.

Kris Meja is an Edinburgh based producer who has headlined a range of events and locations through out Europe including London, Berlin, Amsterdam and also festivals such as International Subculture(Fuck Parade) & The Wickerman Festival. Moving his audience is always paramount. The Meja sounds encompasses a cutting edge collection of genre's such as infectious blends of tech house, jacking techno grooves and dirty minimal sounds and a dash of tribal house and more but not just from electronic sounds but also a diverse range of influences from NIN to Parliament.

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Fixate Team