Sven Laux - An Unconventional Exposure LP

Label: 31337records
Artist: Sven Laux
Title: An Unconventional Exposure LP
Cat. Nr.: [1337-021]
Format: Digital
Release Date: 17. June 2011
Distributed by Intergroove

Put on your dancing shoes girls and boys, we are back again with a marvellous release by Sven Laux!
Straight from the Berlin underground Sven has been releasing previously on labels such as Archipel,
MultiVitamins and lately received a lot of attention for his brilliant album on Microcosm Music.

For us Sven delivers a trippy minimal album with a touch of glitch, ambience and lots of funky breaks
and cuts. Smartly arranged tunes that seem to bend time and space, archived through twisting and
deforming of samples wandering through a wave of delays, clicks and strange noises. All tracks are
fun to listen to wether you are at home, or spacing out in the back of a small smoky dance floor.

On top of all that you get a variety of fantastic remixes from Sul.a, who provides his own down beat /
ambient interpretation of ‘Rectifiable Curve’, Marc Neyen who adds a funky groove to ‘Co-Elliptic Curves’
and finally Martin Teysera (Monoblock) with a driving techhouse remix of ‘Laws & Errors’.

Now if that ain’t something.

You can download this release in your favorite stores, such as:

Beatport | Whatpeopleplay | Juno


01. Co-Elliptic Curves
02. Convergent Series
03. Inverse Approximation
04. Rectifiable Curve
05. Laws & Errors
06. Disambiguation (Live Mix feat. Christian Epple)
07. Rectifiable Curve (Sul.a Remix)
08. Co-Elliptic Curves (Marc Neyen Remix)
09. Laws & Errors (Martin Teysera Remix)

>> Listen to the tracks here <<

Some feedback we collected so far:

Pheek (Archipel, Contexterrior | Canada)
Great great album and all remixes are just awesome!

Someone Else (Foundsound, Little Helpers, 31337 | USA, Germany)
I”m diggin some of these tracks.

DoubtingThomas (Igloo, 31337records | UK)
Very cool sounds, love the cuts on every tracks..
Martin Teysera remix is great also…Full support!!

Tim Tor (BlueCode Records | Netherlands)
Very cool work by Sven! There are a number of tracks which have a great flow, so it is hard to pick a
favourite. Nevertheless, it would probably be ‘Inverse Approximation’, although Marc Neyen’s remix
is also solid.

The Automatic Message (Kalimari, Unoiki | Canada)
Sven Laux creates such incredible multidimensional spaces, getting lost in his work is so much fun and
even more enjoyable to mix with. I would love to hear a live set comprised entirely of this material. 9/10

Rico Casazza (Archipel, Release Sustain | UK)
‘Inverse Approximation’ is my favorite track. Great release of Sven!! Big up!!