]Ada Fijal feat. Louie Austen - 'Take Your Time'
PPR030DL - 2009-12-04 - digital only - File under: House

1. "Take Your Time (Original Mix)"
2. "Take Your Time (Seb Skalski Remix)"
3. "Take Your Time (Disco Rockers Remix)"
4. "Take Your Time (Benzo Baseline Remix)"



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What a wonderful combination: the Polish singer and actress Ada Fijal (Madam Retro), who's deep into ‘20’s and ‘30’s retro chic, and Louie Austen, the famous 'crooner' and entertainer in a beautiful duet. The track "Take Your Time", digitally released on 4th of December, is an unbelievable catchy tune, which stuck in your head forever. The both charming voices fit in a perfect harmony together and the producer Max Lade gives the track the finishing touch.
Ada Fijal’s fascination with ‘Retro Sounds’ is reflected in her songs and at 'Klub Retro', a special evening event, where she’d performed old Polish music standards of past decades and hits from the 20’s and 30’s in new club arrangements.
She also worked together with the Dj..s Adamus, Seb Skalski and Matt Kowalsky.
In spring 2009 she met Louie after a performance in ..Krakow.. and fell in love with his style and his exciting voice. Immediately the idea of cooperation was born.
Besides her work as a singer, Ada Fijal known to a wider audience as an actress with roles in different television series like: "Samo Zycie", "Klan", "Barwy szczescia", "Czas honoru", "39 i pol", "Teraz albo nigdy" and "M jak milosc".
She performed in many theatrical productions on the stages all over ..Krakow...

Part of “electro crooner” Louie Austen’s appeal lies in the fact that he’s a natural born entertainer/ electrotainer. He brought many things along for the ride and his know-how of how to entertain with verve and how to put on a great show, his charm and charisma, and the style of the urban entertainer he had cultivated so long serve him equally well in the electronic underground. He is a mediator who mixes various genres, some of which were previously regarded as incompatible. For 10 years now he has managed to resolve alleged contradictions and break down prejudices – jazz and dance beats, advanced age and youth culture, smart style and underground. “In a way I stand for a kind of reconciliation“, he describes his unique position, “a bridge between old and new or between young and old“. And he doesn’t think of retiring, „I’ll probably die on stage but I don’t give a shit”.
Louie Austen will release his new album in 2010.
The EP "Take Your Time" comes along with a terrific video and 3 remixes, by Dj Seb Skalski, Disco Rockers and Benzo Baseline.

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