TonBe - Her Style EP

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A track which fits fine in my laid back sets, a track with frequencies you can feel but not hear. And yet, if they weren't there you'd say "hey there's something missing in that track"; that's my point, feel it but not hearing it. The tight kick and subtle strong rhythm make this track a good warm-it-upp'er. I would play this, let's say, some where in between the real slow and the let's-get-the-party-started stuff. A vibe to let the people know or tease them with a track which has an announcement to make, namely let's start heating things up; but slowly, not to hard yet. The quality of the sounds ... Do I have to say it again?? Deep Nota Records' tracks are well worked on, the productions are good and properly done. So is this track. The other two tracks, New relationship and think about, in this ep sure can compete with this track and with everything else out there in the same musical domain.
TonBe - New Relationship
New relationship is a well chosen title for this track as the overall feeling is a feeling of hope and joyful expectations. That's what a new relationship is all about; hope and expectations. The main elements providing this fine atmosphere are the base line and on the higher frequencies the keys are doing the bizz. The extra touch is done by the sax and flute which are of atmospheric assistance to the keys, infact to the whole track. It's these little notes or sonic appearances which give the track its cool vibe. Another element pushing in some mystery is the voice, put in with effects all over it but it blends in as it should. I love this funky relax your mind vibe. Nice production from TonBe.
TonBe - Think About
Funky deepness on its best performance. This is the kind of track where you think there's not too much happening but infact if you take the time to listen to the whole track from start to finnish, you will hear its packed with little variations. A certain sexiness is added by the kind pounding base line which causes an out of the ordinary sensual touch. The pounding gets somewhat harder after the break (at around 4.35 min), thus adding energy to the track and emphasizing one of the main elements of the track. The psychedelic bells appearing at unexpected moments create a spooky like sixth sense, nice touch.. An emotional and sonically well balanced track.

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