Anthony Castaldo & Snello - Rolling Patterns EP

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1. Anthony Castaldo & Snello - Rolling Patterns
2. Anthony Castaldo - Closer

Press Release

The newest Respekt installment unearths two cuts straight from the crypts of cavernous Techno. Anthony Castaldo and Snello are back on it, with two tough tracks that keep the energy levels high without losing one bit of quality. Highly emphasizing one the loopy elements of Techno, this EP is a dark rollecoaster just waiting to be derailed.

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Deepgroove - "Ace!"
The Advent - "good stuff.."
D-Unity - "Perfect for our Techno sets!!! Love it!!!"
Electric Rescue - "thanks good release as usual my fav is rooooolling patterns"
Mr Henry Von (Rekluse) - "more solid bang from Respekt "
Jon Rundell - "rolling patterns is slamming.. "
Marco V - "great energy in rolling patterns. party time"
Christian Cambas - "Both tracks in the box! Will definitely be playing"
Tom Hades - "Rolling Patterns is definitely rolling !! "
Jerome Ism-Ae - "great label!"
Anderson Noise - "Good stuff"
Miniminds - "another great ep form repekt, both tracks are sick and right up our street!!! keep em coming!"
Axel Karakasis - "Great tracks, thanks!!"
Subfractal - "great tunes from anthony castaldo again! full support on 'rolling patterns'! top tune! "
Loco & Jam - "Bomb Ep... Full Support for both tracks.. Will be hammering Rolling Patterns this weekend in Mexico and charting!!! Anthony & Snello are 2 names to watch!!!"
Tom Novy - "Closer is a monster!"
Sasha Carassi - "Rolling Patterns is cool"
Phunk Investigation - "Support On Closer!!! Massive Track"
Kedem Ferre (Paris One) - "Closer's a real bomb!"
Rodrigo Baretto (Mum Miami) - "Closer is my tune! Rod B. Teggno Rec"
Oleg Uris (Kiss FM Radio/ Ukraine) - "Yeah! This is evil! Will support and present in my radio show"
Danny Roberts (Clubbed Up Radio) - "Beastly! Great release, will be supporting on Clubbed Up Radio"

Listen & Buy at : BEATPORT


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