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Thema: Hostage crisis in bass music! Get involved now!

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    Hostage crisis in bass music! Get involved now!

    Ez friends,

    Here's a very important message we need to spread on behalf of FFO for the sake of quality bass music:

    "We are a not so shady organization deeply involved in the war on stagnation. Stagnation in electronic music mostly, but other arts and spiritual matters are monitored too.
    We use a multitude of dirty tricks to achieve our goals, basically anything with the potential to make people happy.

    As of now we hold prisoners five awesome tracks and we won't set them free unless you follow our instructions available on http://www.FalseFlagOperation.Org

    We also have there 6 other gems on sale to sponsor our further subversive activities."

    Here are some sound bits:

    Attached graphic file:
    Artwork by Uriginal for Operation Log 006 "Adam Kroll - Orchestral Mindtrip"

    More seriously now:
    False Flag Operation (FFO) is a subsidiary of DubKraft Records and retaining a lot of its sound and ethos, but being a more of an ideas laboratory with an original approach over many details, as you will discover.

    FFO is looking to push mainly electronic music and arts that really deserve adjectives like “creative” or “emotional”. Or “f%$king sick!”.
    The label knows almost no boundaries regarding styles and genres, it’s dedicated to people interested in rich experiences, not in waving the flag of any genre. That's exactly why it happens that many tunes sound dubsteppish or you'll want them in your dubstep sets.

    The label is mainly digital. But not only.

    Most tracks will be released independently as soon as they are ready for it, but only in label’s own online shop and at ridiculous prices. Then, periodically, the tracks will be bundled in releases and shipped to all the online shops out there.

    Also, we will show support for other forms of art that fit the same description.

    You're invited to follow FFO on Facebook and Soundcloud.
    There you will be among the first to find out about forthcoming releases, special offers and treats, gigs, and other goodies we prepare

    Some of the artists involved as of now:

    Alien Pimp
    Mr. Gasparov
    Terry Artovsky
    Adam Kroll
    and more (TBA)
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    Just added a couple of new tracks!
    Available exclusively from our own shop
    or later from most quality online retailers

    Operation Log 008: Hector Villanueva - Septum
    Miami resident Hector Villanueva comes from a warm place not only in terms of climate, but also musically. He’s doing fine producing house, tech-house and related styles, he could comfortably settle there forever and be fine. But the man has higher ambitions, more and more often he prefers to endeavor in experimental trips and surprise us with new approaches and ideas. This track could be described as experimental glitchy minimal house, but best is to take it as it is for what it is.

    And if you like this, there's an entire Hector Villanueva EP available on right now!

    Operation Log 007: Cuelock - Sushi Town
    There’s something about Cuelock! His sound doesn’t bring spectacular innovations, is not that “in the face”, yet he has a clear personal touch. You can’t easily put your finger on it, can’t easily put it in words, but you immediately know it’s him when you listen. This track is spiced up with some asian ethnic sounds, which is not such an original initiative. But again, it’s done Cuelock style, and that’s special enough.

    Artwork by Silviu Costinescu

    Also don't forget you can still hit and download 5 FREE TRACKS!

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    we have now over 2000 followers on the DubKraft / FFO Soundcloud and as a way to salute that and to thank for their interest, all of them receive a free a track!
    If you want it too, just click "Follow" there and wait a bit until someone shares the private track with you!
    Here's the youtube official video:

    We have more and more badass, next giveaway comes when a new round number like that will be achieved next on either of our soundcloud or facebook accounts:
    DubKraft / FFO Soundcloud
    DubKraft FB
    FFO FB

    also my personal soundcloud page is approaching 3000 followers, i'm gonna share a spicy one when that happens

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    Operation Log 012: Infiltration by Various Artists

    Operation Logs 001-010 are now bundled and will be gradually made available in most of the quality digital shops out there.
    For 320kbps mp3’s the best prices are in the FFO Mp3 Shop
    For wav/flac we recommend
    Also available now on Juno Download


    Operation Log 001 Schoe by Alien Pimp & Terry Artovsky
    Operation Log 002 1001 Pieces of Puzzle by WeAreNotSure
    Operation Log 003 Masseeve by Mr. Gasparov
    Operation Log 004 Strangefunk by Materia
    Operation Log 005 Look Of Love by Vlaicu Golcea & Sonic Tonic
    Operation Log 006 Orchestral Mindtrip by Adam Kroll
    Operation Log 007 Sushi Town by Cuelock
    Operation Log 008 Septum by Hector Villanueva
    Operation Log 009 I Still Love You by Edoc
    Operation Log 010 You Don’t Complete Me by Edoc

    Attached audio files:

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    excellent review for Edoc from Playground - much respected Spanish music portal!
    We want more!

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    Operation Log 013: B1t Crunch3r, HxdB & Self Evident - Portland

    An unique combo, first time you get to to hear HxdB at 170bpm, and a proof minimalism can sound fat and rolling. What else do you want?
    Ah, actually there’s more to it: this is the first time we get to work with our new collaborator Teodoru Badiu, an amazing artist that provides eye candies of all sorts, from 3D modelling to mixed media!

    Available exclusively from our shop
    or later from most quality online retailers

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    Operation Log 015 Archann - Nectar Flow

    Hailing from India, Archann is already quite a star in the world of visual arts, collaborating with MTV, Canon, Nike, Tiger Beer, Sony etc. Archan has been featured in various publications including Big Up Magazine, Computer Arts, Digital Arts, Advanced Photoshop, GQ, Vanity Fair, and has achieved recognition from Kanye West.
    Yet not so many people know his amazing experiments in sound, his glitchy noisescapes and twisted grooves easily match the quality of his visuals and we took the job of exposing all his talents to the most openminded members of our audience.
    So here’s his debut with our label and also enjoy the illustrations for our latest two releases.

    Available exclusively from our shop
    or later from most quality online retailers
    Artwork by Archann

    Operation Log 014 Edoc - Violent Love

    Among the FFO/DubKraft supporters, Edoc has already an established reputation, outside the community he’s growing by the day. So his job now would be to keep keeping up. Well, this track will engrave his name in your memory for good, this is how emotional, technical and darkly erotic it is!

    Available exclusively from our shop
    or later from most quality online retailers
    Artwork by Archann

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    "this time there's only one violet pill"
    and 200 free downloads (some of them are already gone, but if you hurry...)
    below you have instructions on how to get them

    so, besides the music that's off the charts as usual, what's special about this 5 track ep?
    it's a "name the the price" release, because the artists think they can't put a price on it, yet they need your support.
    and the price can even be 0 (zero) for the first 200 downloads. all you have to do is click on each track, then click "buy" and when ask how much you want to pay, write in "0". of course we don't mind if you want to contribute more.

    also, if you're doing it, take the tracks in order and mind their description, there's a story there in 5 parts.


    "An illusion it will be, so large, so vast it will escape their perception. Those who will see it will be thought of as insane. We will create separate fronts to prevent them from seeing the connection between us. We will behave as if we are... not connected to keep the illusion alive. Our goal will be accomplished one drop at a time so as to never bring suspicion upon ourselves. This will also prevent them from seeing the changes as they occur. We will always stand above the relative field of their experience for we know the secrets of the absolute. "

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