Artist: Kohib
Release Title: Solar Day EP
Label: Beatservice Records
Style: House Music / Italo / Downtempo Electronica
Available Now From: Juno Download / iTunes / Musiconline / Gube Music

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Not long after the release of his acclaimed Make Fire album (and its remixed accompaniment) Kohib issues a rousing four-tracker of superb dance tunes through the Beatservice label. Titled Solar Day EP, the selection features prime examples of Norwegian electronic music ranging from nu-disco to slinky house music to downtempo electronica. "So Good" leads the pack with a high charged house music rhythm, fancy bursts of percussion and bass line pulsations, and the appealing vocals of Dagny Norvoll Sandvik which beckon the listener to "take off all your clothes and dance with me!" This one's begging for immediate deployment on the dance floor. Kohib touches on more Italo-flavored grooviness with "Don't Tease The Bumblebee" which rides and glides like the flying insect in the title should. A bouncy low end and floating synths add to the cosmic romp. "Escape Velocity" lessens the tempo but fizzles with intriguing elements and melodies. Seemingly plucked synth lines and rolling, reverb-ed arpeggios evoke slow-motion bob-sledding across the Norwegian tundra. The set closes with the eponymous "Solar Day," a mildly uplifting piece with driving drums, buzzy, throbbing synth action, and more delicious Italo-inspired loveliness. This one builds to a stirring climax and closes the EP in grand style.

Kohib, AKA Øivind Sjøvoll from Sortland in the north of Norway, has been an important part of the club-scene in the town of Tromsø since 1997, first as a DJ, later as a club organizer. In 1998 he started the legendary club Yaz'n with a few friends. It was Norway's smallest club, but famous for its sweaty funk nights. Øivind had his musical debut with the band Parliavox in 2001, mixing funk and jazz with electronica/house elements. He started his solo electronica production in 2003, and had his recording debut with the track "Truger" on the Prima Norsk 3 compilation in 2005. Kohib is the name of Øivind's mostly instrumental electronica / house / dub project which performs live in collaboration with Simen Justdal from TANK design on the visual side. Kohib released his debut album Make Fire in 2010 on Beatservice. After the release of the album, several friends from the Norwegian electronic scene were asked to create reinterpretations of tracks from the album which resulted in the well-receivedMake FIre - The Remixes collection.

Nick Warren - "Brilliant EP. It's all good with 'Bumble Bee' being a smash."
Psychemagik - "Really love this, just add beach!"
Ilya Santana - "Nice tracks. I like 'Solar Days' the most."
Johnwaynes - "Cool stuff."
diskJokke - "Really nice atmosphere on 'Escape Velocity.' 'Solar Day' is also nice."
Severino (Horse Meat Disco) - "Supa Dupa! Very good Norwegian vibe."
Makossa & Megablast - "All tracks here are great!"
Rudy Kizer (Hit The Decks Radio Show) - "This is a super-versatile EP. Tracks for warm-up, lounge, or peak hour."
Bobi (Global Movement Radio Show) - "Very nice package, between nu-disco to slinky house music to downtempo electronica."
TJ Norris (Igloo Magazine) - "Something is going on and I like it. Get up and dance to this raver - just an instant party!"

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