A1 – Zoo Brazil Remix
A2 – Original Club Mix
A3 – Polina & Zemtsov Remix
B1 – Thomas Lizzara & Jordan Remix
B2 – Millimetric Remix

Full 3 years have passed since Indy Toureau released his last EP on Solee’s imprint Parquet Recordings and after remixes for Beroshima, Xenia Beliayeva or Johannes Heil he’s finally back home on BlackFoxMusic.
“Melanchromantic” is a kind of “retro-new-wave-techno”: melancholic AND romantic at the same time! With an 80s-infected electrotech-style, the perfetctly setted movie-samples and his emotional melodies the track pushes himself on every technofloor to blow the speakers out and destroy it!
In a crazy electronic suit a la Mr.Oizo comes the remix of Stockholms Zoo Brazil: With releases on labels like Get Physical, Systematic or
Great Stuff he knows exactly how to produce a peaktime-burner. The remix of russia’s new talents Polina & Zemtsov is for the groovy “ass-shaking” part with their short nice sounds of the original melody and always looking forward to get the crowd dancing!
Berlins’s well known DJs Thomas Lizzara & Jordan from the Ostfunk-Crew presenting their interpretation with the thought to put it on the big openair-floors this summer. The warm sounds rotating in your first ear to flow out from the second into the whole wide sunny world and maybe develop to THE hymn this year. French mastermind Francois-Xavier Michel aka Millimetric, who already work with David Carretta, Horrorist or The Hacker, turns it into a phat analog electrostyle with spacey russian female vocals.

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