Thomas A.S. - Red Hole EP

Corrupt Society (Original Mix)
Red Hole (Original Mix)
Red Hole (Philipp Ort Colour Mix)

Supported by Fabrizio Maurizi, Slam, Colin Dale, Chris Lake, Yaya, Nicolas Duvoisin, Nathan Coles, Alexi Delano, Darren Roach, Cipy, Dzeta n'Basile, Juliche Hernandez, Olderic, Philip Arruda, Randall Jones, Sound Avenue, This Is Why We Dance, Global Dance Session, MagazineSixty, Tunnel FM and many more!

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Release Date Beatport Exclusive: 28/10/2013
Release Date (all digital stores worldwide): 11/11/2013

BLACK&WHITE ORANGE RECORDS is proud to present you their latest release, an EP from THOMAS A.S. entitled RED HOLE EP including a remix from PHILIPP ORT. The two originals are very diverse with CORRUPT SOCIETY being a techno influenced dancefloor stormer with dark sounds and a massive beat and RED HOLE having the more laid back feel with moody synth pads and quirky percussions. RED HOLE's atmospheric melodies has inspired PHILIPP ORT to create his own version and he came up with a groovy, techy remix with massive synth hooks and a driving drum beat.
Overall is is a very unique package and certainly reflects the artists' musical influences and forward thinking production skills.


Colin Dale
Killer EP! Love the Philipp Ort remix!

Flipstones & Steve Sculpher
Great release thank you, will support (Philipp Ort Colour Mix) is awesome!

Tim Benjamin
Corrupt Society for me, thanks!

Ben Teufel
Corrupt Society for me!

Alex Kenning
Think Corrupt Society is the best here.

Fabrizio Sala (Goa Club)
Philipp Ort for me!

Paul Newhouse

Niki Belucci
Nice release, will try.

Magzine Sixty
Good tracks, thanks.

Alle Borsari
Nice EP! Thx

Mark Cooper

Alberto Blanco
Nice, thanks!

Go Thomas!

Thomas Dieckmann
Thx Philipp Ort mix for me!

Dzeta n'Basile
Corrupt Society for us, triply!

Rob Maynard
With teasing hypnotic grooves, this is a package that's gripping from the first beat, you just have to hear them though! More stella music from B&WO label!

Daniele Davoli
Nice dj tool track.

Randall Jones
Philipp's mix is HOT!

Shlomi B
Nice! Philipp Ort Mix stands out for me here, thanks for sending guys!

Big EP from my bro Thomas! In love with all the tracks, thanks for this!

Lalla Belle
Great sounds…hard to choose the best!!!

Quentin Van Honk
Philipp Ort remix for me! Vibeyyyy.

Masahiro Suzuki
Philipp Ort mix is best for me, nice deep stuff!

This Is Why We Dance
Cool deep tech-house grooves!

Mauro Alpha
Nice release!

Antony PL
Full support for my friend Thomas!

Juliche Hernandez
Yes!! Full EP!! Hypnotic! I like!! Thx to BWO team.

John Steel
Late nit atmospherics, like it!


Daniel Derek
Nice one, thank you!

Kate Wildblood

Fuddle Dance Radio
Support on Fuddle Dance Radio!

Serotonoin Thieves
NIce deepness!

Hans Tavera
Philipp Ort Colour Mix!

Global Dance Session
Really like Red Hole, especially the remix, that's got some real great work on it!

Andrew Technique
Original is great & remix.

Angelo Draetta
Great pack!

Full support on Philipp Ort mix, cool stuff!

Philip Arruda
Love this. Will play & chart. Originals and remix are top stuff. thanks!

Nice one, thanks!

Dzanin Garibovic
Great pack! Full support, thx.

Philipp Ort Colour Mix is cool! thx

Marcello Arletti
Red Hole is nice, thx.

Simon New
Love Philipp's mix - definitely creates the most interest!

Nathan Coles
Philipp all the way!

Liking Philipp mix…nice thanks!

Hey, great tunes!

Benoit C
Cool EP!

Tunnel FM
Philipp Ort Colour Mix for us…absolutely support. Thanks for the good music!

Simon Wish
Corrupt Society original and red hole (Philipp Ort Colour Mix) for me, thanks!

Sound Avenue
Very nice package! Philipp Ort remix is my fav, thx!

Danny Chase
Nice tech house groover!

Chris Lake

Paul Lyman

Sean Danke
Philipp Ort remix for me!

Gareth 2Dark
Philipp Ort remix is cool.

Pete Ward

Nicolas Duvoisin
Nice job, will play!

Corrupt Society is nice, thanks!

Darren Roach
Philipp's remix is the winner here - full support!

Guido Nemola
Nice tracks!

Christian Durdek
Corrupt Society & Philipp Ort Colour Mix!

Jim Piechota
Great grooves! Corrupt is the funkiest but Red Hole is moody, deep and perfect for the season.

Mad Us
Nice release! Thanks for the music.

Cirpian Iordache
Support by buddy Thomas! Great project.

Fabrizio Maurizi
Corrupt Society is awesome, thanks!

Nice tunes - will road test this weekend - thx guys!

Good Philipp remix, thanks!

Alexi Delano
Will try Corrupt Society and Red Hole.

'Thomas A.S. - Red Hole EP' - All music Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Thomas A.S. Remixed by Philipp Ort. Mastered at Harcourt Studios, London.

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