Directed by Jordan Williams:

Produced By Bruus

Chicago's own Seb Torgus one of kind. Whether it's modeling, acting, creating music Seb really has
been delving into all sides of the entertainment industry. From working on high-end runway fashion
shows, campaigns with Nike , and even landing a spot for himself on ABC's past show " Betrayal ", the young creative has an impressive resume already. Aside from synthesis past jobs, music is something did Seb has always been beyond passionate about. Whether it what his solo work, joining a jazz vocal group, performing in musicals, or even starring in a traveling choir group Torgus has to abundance of talent and style.

Over the last year, Seb has knocked out a few solid tracks: such as " Party In The Hills " and " Show Me " thathave Both Showed off at authetic flow and havebeen well received by fans. To kick off the summer we have a visual for a brand new single titled " sadboy ANTHEM", off of Seb's upcoming project. Jordan Williams also known as future problems as video guy did a fantastic job shooting and directing the visual, making sure to capture the uniqueness of Seb's genuine energy, creativity, and style. In this digital age where internet visuals can be used to help assist in launching an artist's career, Seb and Jordan have got something special on Their hands.

This track is a hit no doubt, the vibes on here are insane. . Sadboy ANTHEM can Easily be Summer's anthem Instagram: @Sebtorgus Twitter: @Sebtorgus